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Peaceful Practices for Health & Happiness
Dorian Abel, mS, RYT, RMT
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Yoga Classes
Current Session
June 21 - August 19

Tai Chi classes will
resume in the fall.

Every Monday afternoon
& evening

Sizzling and Soothing Summer Mix
Dorian and Jillian's Refreshing Blend

Pilates August 24, 9:30 - 10:45 a.m.
Yoga August 25, 9:30 – 10:45 a.m.
Pilates August 26, 9:30 – 10:45 a.m.

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Healing Yoga Studio, Yoga Classes, Reiki and Yoga Therapy Sessions,  Douglassville, PA

Healing Yoga Studio
1397 E. Main Street (Route 724)
Douglassville, PA 19518

Phone: 610-369-0831
Email: dorian@healingyogapa.com


Reiki Treatments & Yoga Therapy Sessions also available - Contact Dorian to schedule your appointment!

Gift Certificates Available!

Give or receive the priceless gifts of Yoga, Reiki, or Meditation!

Healing Yoga offers yoga classes, yoga therapy sessions and Reiki sessions at our Douglassville, PA studio - located just minutes from Pottstown, Reading, Exeter, Mt. Penn, Elverson, Birdsboro and North Conventry.

Join this welcoming yoga community for a class, a workshop or book a private yoga or Reiki session with Dorian.

The first class is free for new students!

"Have you been thinking about starting yoga; have you neglected your practice; or feel you need guidance with a real live teacher and the presence of a community of practitioners? We welcome you to Healing Yoga and want you to know that you can begin classes or yoga therapy sessions here at any time!"

What's New at Healing Yoga
Pilates now part of our regular class schedule.

What is Pilates?
Pilates is a unique method of body conditioning using a series of low impact exercises focused on stretching and strengthening, designed to bring balance and unity to the mind and body.

With six principles of center, control, precision, fluidity, breath, and concentration, each exercise uses all of muscles of the body as a comprehensive whole and reawakens those parts that may have become dormant. 

Learn more now.


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Dorian Abel and Healing Yoga offers Yoga Classes, Individual Yoga Therapy, Reiki and Meditation in Douglassville, PA minutes from Pottstown, Birdsboro, Exeter, Reading, North Coventry and Shillington.

Yoga Pottstown PA 19464 & 19465
Yoga Classes Pottstown PA 19464 & 19465
Individual Yoga Therapy Pottstown PA 19464 & 19465
Yoga Teacher Pottstown PA 19464 & 19465
Reiki Master Pottstown PA 19464 & 19465
Reiki Classes Pottstown PA 19464 & 19465
Reiki Treatments Pottstown PA 19464 & 19465
Meditation Classes Pottstown PA 19464 & 19465
Yoga Workshops Pottstown PA 19464 & 19465
Stress Reduction Pottstown PA 19464 & 19465
Prenatal Yoga Pottstown PA 19464 & 19465

Yoga Douglassville PA 19518
Yoga Classes Douglassville PA 19518
Individual Yoga Therapy Douglassville PA 19518
Yoga Teacher Douglassville PA 19518
Reiki Master Douglassville PA 19518
Reiki Classes Douglassville PA 19518
Reiki Treatments Douglassville PA 19518
Meditation Classes Douglassville PA 19518
Yoga Workshops PA Douglassville PA 19518
Stress Reduction PA Douglassville PA 19518
Prenatal Yoga Douglassville PA 19518

Yoga Birdsboro PA 19508
Yoga Classes Birdsboro PA 19508
Individual Yoga Therapy Birdsboro PA 19508
Yoga Teacher Birdsboro PA 19508
Reiki Master Birdsboro PA 19508
Reiki Classes Birdsboro PA 19508
Reiki Treatments Birdsboro PA 19508
Meditation Classes Birdsboro PA 19508
Yoga Workshops Birdsboro PA 19508
Stress Reduction Birdsboro PA 19508
Prenatal Yoga Birdsboro PA 19508

Yoga Reading PA 19606
Yoga Classes Reading PA 19606
Individual Yoga Therapy Reading PA 19606
Yoga Teacher Reading PA 19606
Reiki Master Reading PA 19606
Reiki Classes Reading PA 19606
Reiki Treatments Reading PA 19606
Meditation Classes Reading PA 19606
Yoga Workshops Reading PA 19606
Stress ReductionReading PA 19606
Prenatal YogaReading PA 19606